The Champlain Regional Repeater Association is not a “club” as such and limits activities to the following.

  • Operating and maintaining amateur radio repeater VE3STP on Kennelly Mountain, at the East end of the Mt. St. Patrick range 
  • Maintaining an executive committee and holding annual meetings of the membership
  • Running the Mini-Net, a checkin net,  at 7:30PM local time every evening. About 30 minutes.
  • Hosting an Annual General Meeting for members in the spring. Newcomers may sign up at this time.
  • Acknowledging a breakfast eyeball QSO at 9:00 AM each Wednesday, presently in Renfrew (The Rocky Mountain House restaurant across Bruce St. from the Wendy’s – Tim Horton’s). Occasionally other sites are selected. Listen to the mini-net Tuesday night for this week’s location. (…currently limited to tables of four while the Covid-19 pandemic exists.)
  • Supporting neighbouring ham radio groups and ARES activities
  • Maintaining a pool of amateur radio operators for civil emergencies where conventional communications may be inadequate or unavailable.

The Champlain Regional Repeater Association is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization  under the laws of the Province of Ontario.