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20190424 Executive Meeting Minutes  


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25/04/2019 11:56 am  

CRRA Executive Meeting


Date: 24 April 2019 19:00 hrsAttendance:

  • Alan Bauld VE3CBR
  • Graham PattersonVE3AMN
  • Greg Kaufman VE3ECI
  • Steven Harrison VE3FTS

Media Used: Skype

1. Meeting was called to order at 19:20 hrs. 

2. The following items were discussed between the executive.

a. Link of VE3YYX and VE3STP:

  1. (1).  Take out the motorola systems and put in ICOM.

  2. (2).  Use an NHRC Controller, repeater controllers are in short supply.

  3. (3).  Acct stands at approx $1350, could support.

  4. (4).  Back haul UHF Transceiver.

  5. (5).  Graham VE3AMN may have a yagi antenna, short mast currently in location with APRS.

  6. (6).  cost of radio and controller approx $200-300.00

  7. (7).  Will provide reliable service.

  8. (8).  Functional Plan:

    1. (i).  UHF/VHF,

    2. (ii).  Antenna location,

    3. (iii).  UPS,

    4. (iv).  backup power,

    5. (v).  connect outlet of power to backup power,

    6. (vi).  need an audio plug for speaker,

    7. (vii).  repeater control $159.00.

(1). Steve VE3FTS has a meeting with Renfrew Fire Chief and Town Council on 30 Apr 19 10:00 hrs to review and discuss possible Repeater Install. He will report back to discuss way forward.

c. Kiwi SDR:
(1). currently building a clone for KiwiSDR with Raspberry PI 3.

c. Winlink Gateway:

(1). Winlink Gateway being considered, Alan VE3CBR directs to revisit in late summer.

d. APRS Repeater:

(1). APRS repeater is being considered for site 2, deploy on Raspberry PI 3

e. 6 meter:

(1). Consideration for 6m , seems to be some pros and cons about this. Some like and others don’t care. May not be a good vibe , further discussion expected.

  1. (1).  P2510 digital modem,

  2. (2).  Graham VE3AMN is building a breadboard and have invested

    actual funds to support this.

  3. (3).  Dual band, Dual mode,

  4. (4).  We have a DMR at STP all it needs is a key from Motorola,

  5. (5).  More research is needed.


3. This executive meeting was to discuss the health of the repeater systems currently in place. It looked at all possible avenues to determine the current state and to establish a plan to move forward to providing a more reliable, functional capability within the county of Renfrew.

4. The next meeting will use the same media and will be set when Steve VE3FTS has completed his visit with the Town of Renfrew.

5. Alan VE3CBR called the meeting to an end at 20:50 hrs.

Respectfully Written,


Steven Harrison VE3FTS

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