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Remote HF Stations  


Steven Harrison
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31/01/2019 2:53 pm  

Hi All…


As a very active HF’er …I will state up front I am not a fan of Remote HF stations… although they may have their place! the lag time that can occur can have serious issues when trying to work rare dx, contest and chasing parks on air! Often because of the leg time these stations QRM the activations. I have missed many reports do to remote stations calling on top (QRM) of my CW & SSB responses. Then you have to ask for a repeat! I often see remote stations using too much processing on the audio. Also these remote stations that run amplifiers seem to have a bandwidth 6 to 10 KHZ. Not sure if this poor operating skills or the way the station is setup! Finally I have noticed a few US hams using several remote stations but claiming they are using the same station for award purposes. They eventually get caught but just another issue with respect to remote stations.  

Just my two cents worth on remote stations. Just saying!

Written by Curt Bowles, VE3ZN

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