KiwiSDR for VE3STP
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KiwiSDR for VE3STP  


Steven Harrison
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20/02/2019 7:47 pm  
Could I ask that this receiver be put into one of those 19'' trays, as we are getting really shy of rack-space, AND that it have a power relay so that the SCADA (which now works over an NPort), can turn it on & off.  I want to make an honest man out of Don PM, who is the licencee and should have control over everything under our roof.
I'd suggest conductors with a little more beef going to that NE-51  - and I uave a lifetime supply of NE-2 here. They have pigtale leads on 'em to start with.
It's HF and represents a broadening of our previous strictly-repeater stance.
On Feb 16, 2019, at 8:40 AM, Jeff Milne <> wrote:
All I have to do now is revamp the surge suppressor on the copper board with a gas discharge tube. AM broadcast filter which passes 350khz and down and 160m up although the broadcast freqs still work well but no overload on the sdr. 

Phil HOA data on the broadcast band filter
300 - 2db
400 - 5db
500 - 9db
570 - 13db
1000 - 25db
1250 - 30db
1400 - 24db
1700 - 12db
1800 - 7db
1900 - 4db
2000 - 2db
3500 - 0db
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