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VE3STP History and Technical  


Steven Harrison
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26/03/2019 7:53 am  
The present VE3STP FM repeater was purchased about the same time that Peter bought YYY, which was assembled by an Edmonton Alta company, from two commercial ICOM radios, a really nice controller, an amateur grade antenna and a pretty decent power supply. I don't have the system files here, although I should have them, as Sandy VE3AAC, and Allen VE3JGU were doing the maintenance since te CRRA inherited it. I had my hands more than full with a recalcitrant duplexor and antenna problem at VE3STP.  I will get the files so that I can properly discharge my duties and so that we can bring-along a couple of Arnprior area hands to do the basic maintenance. Note that I have also included Randy VA3RKS as he is the licensee. 
In addition to the usual technical challenges of  keeping a system on-the-air, there were a couple of people-problem issues with this repeater:  a) Peter was very busy and lost interest in the project, and when the transmitter suffered a complete failure, he had no time to fix it. Nevertheless, Sandy and Allen fixed it after Sandy tracked-down two replacement ICOMs and he and I split the costs from our own pockets; b) then there is the matter of the Firechief of the time believing that YYX was "his" repeater even though (the last time I read it anyway), the Amateur Experimental Service regulations prohibit non-licensed persons from operating radio equipment in our bands.  One cannot even hold a basic licence to operate a repeater, but one must have an advanced ticket.  The whole JEPP idea was for municipalities and counties to purchase equipment for hams to operate, so that we could look after the repeaters and the firemen could look after the fires.
Graham Patterson

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