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Audio and Adjustments  


Steven Harrison
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09/03/2019 11:58 am  

Sandy sez

JGU and I made an excursion to Antrim yesterday to investigate the alleged problems with YYX.

With the help of VE3PM, we noted that the repeater was functioning as always, with the thru-put audio a bit low, but certainly "usable".
The repeated audio was perhaps 3dBmv lower than the identifier generated "voice" ID (estimated).

** One possibility is the firemen, annoyed by the repeater when doing their "blind" training in the smoke-filled hose tower, turned down the receiver audio volume with the front panel volume control buttons, which reduces the repeated audio a little when stepped down to ZERO.
That's how the beast is built.

**Practical Solutions:

Quick:   Restore the rx volume control  to normal, and shove a 1/8th"   plug into the speaker jack of the receiver.

More elegant, contrive an assembly with a switch wired to the plug to switch between a small external speaker and a 10 ohm resistor.


I also consulted some of my old docs mined from the internet, and note that there is a repeated audio trimpot on the controller board that might provide means to reset the repeated audio.

This may permit setting the audio without requiring any intervention with the repeater.

Whether this octogenarian can scale the 4 stories of the hose tower to get to the rptr is yet to be determined.


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Steven Harrison
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09/03/2019 11:59 am  

1) simplest is bestest. Let's do the dummy plug manoeuvre after proving AAC's hypothesis. Elegance can wait 'til spring - and for AAC's legs to be up to the task;

2) broadening the team is of prime importance, so let's have three volunteers cross-trained, so that they are comfortable with the repeater. Repeaters can me intimidating to those who don't bathe with them frequently. Let's get the new members ready so that the only time we ask Sandy to climb again  - if indeed we must  - will be to train & advise.