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Convert to VHF and Link with STP  


Steven Harrison
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17/04/2019 9:30 am  

I amin  favour linking YYX and STP.  We discussed this long ago and it is a useful idea, and practical (and cheap)l to accomplish. It is easier and cheaper to do at 440 mHz. The link would be normally "on", and would be controllable using a DTMF (aka "TouchTone") digit sequence from any HT, or any station with a built-in dial pad.

The Arnprior UHF repeater is a natural  - in my opinion - for the purposes that Pete VE3YYY (SK), intended.  The range isn't what VE3STP provides, nor should it be.  It is a local repeater whose range is appropriate for its purpose. Randy  VA3RKS is working on a plan to provide a similar repeater upriver near Cobden, and I wish we had a UHF repeater in Renfrew.  VE3STP is not a Renfrew repeater

I have observed that the we can learn from the OPP and the way they exploit 70 CM for "beat repeaters". I think that Jim VA3JER might be able to help us with a few examples where the OPP is the local police service, and where the towns they serve have such repeaters. UHF repeaters are perfect for this application. Effective ones can be built on well-located buildings in the towns they serve.

I would like to meet the Arnprior area ham(s), who would step-up to the task of generally "caring" for the repeater  and specifically adjusting the audio level (if that is still considered a problem).  The weather is getting good again, so few minutes should be able to be found to develop a list of items to see to and get them on the way to being executed. On my last visit to the hose tower, I think that the repeater was NOT served by an  AC power outlet with a breaker on the emergency panel. This might still need to be done.

G. Patterson

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28/05/2019 3:56 am  

list of repeaters hosted by VE3JKV in Renfrew

29.640- mhz

53.010- mhz

146.715- mhz

224.940- mhz

444.350+ mhz

927.075- mhz

1250.000- mhz

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