Ares Exercise planning Meeting

Hosted by CRRA


Date:Saturday March 4th2019

Location:Arnprior Fire Hall Conference Room Arnprior Ontario



Chaired By:VE3FTS

Preamble:A general discussion of roles and resources was undertaken to determine the scope of the planned exercise.

Risk Identification:Tornadoes, Freezing Rain, Forest fire, Sars, Hazmat, Power Outage, Oil Spills on Highway, Clay liquefaction,

Domestic Terrorism Attack

Repeaters :  VE3STP Primary   VE3YYZ Secondary

Modes to be used During Exercise: VHF UHF Packet Crossband

Location for EC: Arnprior Fire Station

Additional Involvement: An attempt to recruit local cadets will be promoted prior to the exercise

Promotion to the media: Cogeco Cable Co. And Dereck Dunn from the Renfrew Mercury will be invited to cover the event.

Event Objective: A thunder storm will cause a fire and a power outage

Event Date:  April 28 2019    Alternate Date : May 4 2019

Time of event: 12:00 till 14:30


Minutes to be added here