VE3STP VHF FM transmits on 147.06 MHz using a +600 KHz offset to receive and a CTCSS tone of 114.8 Hz. The repeater is located at CRRA Site 2.

Configuration Description: The VE3STP VHF FM Receive and Transmit antenna consists of two Quad Sinclair 210C4 folded dipoles connected together with a custom phasing harness. The antenna feeds a six cavity duplexer connecting a Motorola CM200 receiver via two additional pass band filter cavities and a preamp. The duplexer also couples a Motorola CDM1250 exciter driving a 100 watt power amp for transmit. The repeater configuration is controlled by an Arcom RC210 which is used to announce the repeater and to connect transmit and receive audio to the repeater radios and control PTT on the exciter. The RC210 repeater controller also connects a Raspberry Pi based Echolink VE3STP-R Node 956020 interface allowing internet access to the repeater.

VE3STP_Block Diag_2023_F1